The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect

Explore the atmosphere during the ice age and today
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The Greenhouse Effect is an atmospheric simulation tool. It allows you to see the effects of the known greenhouse effect on the Earth. The simulation model shows how sunlight photons come to the Earth from the sun and how, when they bounce of the ground, they become infrared photons. The model shows an increase of temperature when the simulation starts and it then stops at 13 or 14 degrees Celsius. If you increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, you will see that most of the infrared photons do not leave the atmosphere. That creates an increase in temperature. You can add clouds to the simulation, and those somehow reflect the outgoing infrared photons that also increases the temperature. You can see today's concentration of greenhouses and what it was in 1750 and in the last known ice age (though some data is missing there).

There is an alternate simulation that replaces the atmosphere with glass layers. You can add several of those. The more layers of glass the higher the concentration of greenhouse gases.

In short, this is a graphical simulation tool that shows the influence of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere. To me, it lacks a bit of help to know exactly what is happening on the screen.

José Fernández
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  • Not enough help
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